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48 Whitesands Dumfries DG1 2RS

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9am - 1.00 pm 2.00pm - 5pm


0138726 7070


Here at DG Smile we believe that trust and building a good Patient - Dentist relationship are important components to a stress free dental care

Our team of dental experts are dedicated in making sure you receive all the information you need to design the best possible treatment for you. You can trust that with our many years of experience, your oral health is in excellent hands.
On your examination we  will make you feel comfortable and discuss with you all possible treatment options.
Together we will form a treatment plan tailored to your needs and carry it out in the most comfortable and relaxed way possible

Preventive Care

At DG Smile we aim to help you keep your natural teeth  for as long as possible and help you  maintain good oral health with free Oral health advice and regular examinations and preventive treatments.

Restorative treatment

We restore your teeth with high quality treatments and manage any spaces you have with the latest techniques and materials. We maintain your periodontal health and manage disease to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy

Cosmetic care

Your smile is the most important thing you wear every day!
We discuss with you to understand your needs
and tailor your treatment plan arround them to help you smile with confidence.

Geriatric Care

We provide care to older adults. We diagnose prevent and treat age related problems. We offer various options to fit your needs and give you back your smile and enjoy your life with confidence

Our special offer...

Take advantage of our made-to-measure home whitening kit for only £200.

For more information, and all our contact details, take a look at our Contact Us page.